-Melora Lager, Founder


Let it be as it was.

Let it be as it is.

Let it be as it will be.

-Melora Lager, Founder


At Let It Be YOGA in Albuquerque New Mexico, we believe that yoga is for everyone. That EVERY body is a yoga body. That regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert there is a yoga class for you. That yoga practice imbues the mind, the body, and the spirit with strength and calm. Supporting you on your journey to well-being is at the heart of Let It Be YOGA.

We believe in YOU. That you came to yoga because you are searching for something. We want to help you find that something. It is through serving you that we live our own truth.

We believe in taking care of our bodies—inside and out.  Through our informative blog and social media posts, classes, and special events we are committed to providing our clients with useful and aspirational information that can help them eat better, exercise better, feel better, do better, and—we hope— help them live their best life.

We believe in paying it forward.  Let It Be YOGA School was born to provide dedicated practitioners with the opportunity to take their practice to a professional level. As certified Yoga instructors, they can share their love and knowledge of Yoga with others.

We believe in being good neighbors.  We share our expertise at health and wellness fairs. We organize drives to support members of the community and help out our furry friends.

We believe in taking care of our planet.  By exercising responsible business practices such as limiting plastic waste and encouraging recycling, we minimize our footprint.

We are Let It Be YOGA... And there's no place like Om.