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Meet The Teacher: Sara C.

Meet July's Instructor of the Month: The Fantastic Sara!

Sara's Classes are like the yin yang symbol: a balance of the masculine and feminine; gentle yet firm, determined yet patient, and focused yet blissful.

Favorite quote: "Find what you love, love what you find"


Sara has been practicing yoga for almost two years and was certified at the Let it Be Yoga Teacher Training! We're so lucky to have her!

Fun Facts:

When she's not at the studio: She enjoys gardening, reading, bicycling, painting, spending time with family and friends, and, also enjoy creating vegan-based wonderosities in the kitchen. She enjoys implementing positive change for those in her life, even if they are a stranger.

If she could have one superpower: she would be to end world hunger, by feeding all sentient beings organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

One thing that always makes Sara smile: The joy of witnessing the benefits of yoga transform peoples' lives; taking part in the healing journey of some, encouraging others to be their best selves & sharing from her experiences which creates a space for community and respect. "I smile to that! :)"

A wonderful member of the Let It Be YOGA staff, we are thrilled we could introduce some of you to Sara. We love her and we know you will too!


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