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Meet The Teacher: Lana T.

Meet June's Instructor of the Month: The Beautiful Lana!

Lana's class is fun and will completely zen you out!

Favorite quotes: "Play is the highest form of research."

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you you everywhere"

-Albert Einstein


Yogic principles have been the core of Lana's spiritual practice most of her life. Her passion for cycling, however, (especially the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in 2009) led her to begin practicing yoga asanas. She became hooked to yoga after to bike studio started offering yoga classes! In 2016, she completed her 200hr Teacher Training and Senior Teacher Training Program and then began to teach at Let it Be! How lucky are we!?

Fun Facts

When she's not at the studio: Lana loves cooking, reading, arts, jacks, spending time with friends, and helping take care of her mother.

A wonderful member of the Let It Be YOGA staff, we are thrilled we could introduce some of you to Lana. We love her and we know you will too!


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