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Meet The Teacher: Cindy C.

Meet February's Instructor of the Month: Cindy C.

Warrior II, Let It Be YOGA Instructor, Cindy

Cindy's classes are heart-felt, sweaty, challenging, and leave you feeling great!

When asked to give more insight on what she thinks about not seeing with our eyes alone, her response was "Trust. Connection. Intuition. It is the ability to see and feel on a soul-level. Yoga is magic that has the ability to transform, shape, and ignite. As we begin to embrace and love these qualities not only on the mat, but off the mat as well, we give ourselves the ability to "see" the world in a whole now light."

Fun Facts

Favorite Pose: Warrior II

When she's not at the studio: Cindy is hanging out with her wonderful family. As the mama of four beautiful girls, they and her husband ensure she stasy on her toes!

Her other job: Cindy works as a counselor and integrates yoga and energy work into the healing process. She is committed to helping others learn how to heal themselves.

A wonderful member of the Let It Be YOGA staff, we are thrilled we could introduce some of you to Cindy and give her current students a little more background on why we think she is such a special instructor.


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