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Quit Smoking With Yoga

If you are participating in the November 16th Great American #Smokeout-- or are considering quitting smoking as a New Year's resolution-- you may want to have your yoga mat handy.

Current evidence suggests that some mind and body practices, such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and relaxation techniques (guided imagery or progressive muscle relaxation), may help people quit smoking.

Conventional quit-smoking treatments, including counseling and medication, can double or even triple your chances of kicking the smoking habit successfully. Key factors in successfully quitting are establishing new, healthy habits while reducing stress -- yoga and meditation are proving to be an excellent fit.

If you decide to incorporate yoga into your quit-smoking routine, be sure to prepare.

1) Talk to your doctor about your plans

2) Get your yoga gear: a mat, comfy clothes, a water bottle

3) Find a yoga studio that is convenient to your work or home so that you can fit it into your schedule. Some studios offer 60 minute classes and others offer 90 minute classes-- be sure your schedule can accommodate the longer classes if you choose.

4) Find a meditation app to download onto your phone that can support your yoga practice and in-class meditation. Having an app handy to help you establish a regular meditation habit can make the difference!

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