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12 Small Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you've been wondering what your household can do to help reduce carbon emissions, we have some suggestions that are both practical and relatively easy to put into play. While it can seem daunting and perhaps futile when compared to the effects of industrial emissions, taking greater responsibility for our individual footprints can have a positive, measurable impact. We encourage you to adopt one or two additional steps towards reducing your household emissions.

1) Use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.

2) Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use.

3) Adjust your thermostat settings. In the summer, if you're used to a cool 68, set it to 72. In the winter, if your home's thermostat is usually set at 70, throw on a sweater and set it to 66.

4) Investigate solar and wind power options for your household.

5) Walk, run, or bike to nearby locations.

6) Carpool with your neighbors or co-workers. James Corden does it and he makes it look pretty cool.

7) Invest in a "low-emissions" vehicle such as a hybrid or electric vehicle.

8) Video conference more, fly less.

9) Buy less food and dispose of less food (which will emit greenhouse gases while decomposing in landfills).

10) Consume less beef and dairy (The cattle industry produces an estimated 18% of greenhouse gases which are produced while preparing beef and dairy products for consumption).

11) Buy local fruits and vegetables. While you're reducing your beef and dairy intake, commit to one vegetarian meal a day!

12) Shun the paper and plastic at your local grocery store and use reusable shopping bags.

There are more ways you can positively impact your footprint. For additional tips and information, check out these articles:

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