Lavender and Fig Tart

June 27, 2017

Lavender and Fig Tart

A sophisticated yet rustic dessert that is sure to Wow! your guests.




3 Tbs. agave nectar

2 tsp. aged balsamic vinegar, or more to taste

¾ tsp. dried or fresh culinary lavender, divided, plus lavender buds for garnish, optional

1 8-oz. sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed

¾ cup plus 2 tsp. heavy whipping cream, chilled, divided

½ cup soft goat cheese

2 tbs. confectioners’ sugar

1 pt. fresh figs (about 12 oz.) or 13 large figs, stemmed and quartered (2½ cups)



1 | Combine agave nectar, balsamic vinegar, and 1/2 tsp. lavender in small bowl; set aside.


2 | Preheat oven to 400°F. Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Chill bowl of electric mixer in freezer.


3 | Roll puff pastry into 13- x 9-inch rectangle on floured work surface. Transfer to prepared baking sheet. Mark 3/4-inch border around edges with paring knife, being careful not to cut through. Brush border with 2 tsp. heavy whipping cream, and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 tsp. lavender. Bake 20 to 22 minutes, or until golden, puffed, and flaky. Cool 3 to 5 minutes, then re-score original border lines. Flatten center of pastry by gently pressing with wide spatula; outer edge of pastry should remain intact and puffy. Cool on wire rack.


4 | Meanwhile, fit electric mixer with whisk attachment and place goat cheese in chilled mixer bowl. Add confectioners’ sugar and 2 Tbs. heavy whipping cream. Beat on medium speed 2 minutes, until mixture is well combined, and goat cheese is softened. Pour in remaining 10 Tbs. cream; increase to medium-high speed, and beat 2 minutes, or until medium peaks form.


5 | Spread goat cheese mixture to cover center of pastry, and top with fresh figs. Drizzle balsamic-agave mixture over figs just before serving. Garnish with lavender buds, if using.


Nutrition Information:

Calories:  290

Protein:  5 g

Total Fat:  19 g

Saturated Fat:  9 g

Carbohydrates:  27 g

Cholesterol:  37 mg

Sodium:  197 mg

Fiber:  2 g

Sugar:  16 g

Yield:  Serves 8



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