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May Pose of the Month - Half Moon

May 1, 2017

Our Pose of the Month series is designed to encourage you to develop various elements of your yoga practice. By focusing on a single pose each month, you can develop skills that you may have been neglecting-- either knowingly or unknowingly.  By taking one month to work on a pose, you are allowing your body and mind to slowly accept a new (or improved) way of moving or being.


Half Moon Pose has a number of variations to accommodate Yogis at any level of practice. We encourage you to read up on the Half Moon pose variations and choose one (or two) to work on that you feel is best for you. A pose should never be or feel forced. If you have injuries or concerns, you should consult your doctor before attempting a pose you are unsure of. Your Let It Be YOGA instructors are always available to you to help guide you through the Pose of the Month and its variations.



Half Moon Pose is a standing yoga posture tha